Sales Tax

Dear all,

we have a requirement in sales tax as sales tax no sales tax. As we are defining in Vat it cannot be sone so.

In that We have to mention seperately as sales tax & no sales tax. As we are mentioning the Gl account no in sales tax states setup.

How it is possible… Pls tell suitable solution.


Ram26prasad, please rephrase somehow your question - I can’t get the idea of what are you asking for…

Hello Sir,

actual requirement is based on sales tax.

In sales tax , it is further divided to sales tax & no sales tax. based on these, u ve to link withcreate chart of accounts.

currently we have domestic sales & foriegn sales. as we are linking chart of accouns in sales tax set up → states

How could you do…

is it clear now. pls suggest…

Seems to be a question about Indian localization - moved to Indian forum.

Please use Indian forum for IN specific questions, and, please use SEARCH function to look if your question hasn’t been already answered previously. IN Sales tax problems have already been discussed here many times.

I am still unable to understand your requirement. The sales account is determined by combination of Gen Buss. Posting Group and Gen. Product Posting Group and not by sales tax. Sales tax setup only determines the G/L account where Sales Tax Payable (CST/VAT) should be posted. In the case of export sales do not use a structure of Sales Tax and it will not calculate any sales tax.

Please rephrase your question once again.