Sales Tax

Hi I am unable to generate any Sales Tax related calculation or record from Sales Order. I am telling you in brief what I have done. I have entered new record in Sales Tax code form with “Percentage of net amount” in the Origin field. In the Value Button, I have entered a new record filling up the value field. Then I insert a new record in Item Sales Tax Group refering that Sales Tax Code in Setup Tabpage of that form. Finally, I specify the Item Sales Tax Group (Sales Order) in the Reference tabpage of the Item form of a new Item created by me. Can you please tell me what are the possible reasons for which Sales Tax calculation is not done. What are the mandatory settings required in Parameter form (or in any other forms) to execute the above. Is there any documentation for that? Thanks.

which version are you using. 2.5/3.0 and if 3.0 then local india version or standard version. which project are you working upon in Delhi Rg

You don’t mention having created a sales tax group. The sales tax code should be assigned to the sales tax group, and the sales tax group should be assigned to the customer record.

Hi Kumar, We are using ver 3.0. I am from Kolkata, not from Delhi. And a new comer in Axapta. We did projects on Navision, but not in Axapta. Very soon we r going to get one and I am doing the preparatory work for that. Currently I am working on the Standard Version not the Indian version. Thanks Adam, I defined Sales tax group and attached it with Customer and it works. Thanks guys