Sales Tax & VAT


I need your advice on the Below

a) We are using NAV 5.0 Indian Localisation

My requirement is as follows

Sales Tax calculated on Purchase amount to be added to the Purchase Cost in certain situation & to be shown seperately as VAT Receivablwe in Certain situations.

So i created two groups as Creditable & Non creditable.But when i post the pURCHASE oRDER I AM GETTING AN inconsitency Error.

Please help me on the Below



Hi Seshnarayan,

So what you are saying is that you created 2 VAT Business Posting Groups??? So I’m assuming you’ve gone and also set up VAT Posting Setup??? Can you send a screen shot of the error?



Dear Sir,

We are not using VAT as it cannot be used for Localisation So i am using Sales Tax Setup.



You can use “NON ITC Claimable %” field where you don’t want the credit of VAT to be taken. I am assuming you are using Sales Tax Setup for VAT.