Sales Tax in Free Text Invoice

Does anyone know if there is a way to setup free text invoice form to calculate sales tax included in amount?

I am using AX 2009.

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If the customer is set to prices include sales tax does this work?

No. I tried but It doesn’t work.

Not possible then I presume, report it as an issue to Microsoft and see what they say!

Have u found solution.




Have you got the solution for this.



No I haven’t got any solution for this.

try with Sales tax formula design calculatio expression should be price inclusive sales tax.

on formula design price inclusive tax check box marked

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Can you give me u r mail id so i can send you the customization that i have done, when you tick include GST amount is goingt to be inclusive of GST %or else it will add the % of tax to the amount entered.

Can you send me u r mail id so i can send you the document of the customized form for inclusive GST on Free Text Invoice form.