Sales Tax in Axapta 2009

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We have to pull all the sales orders from external system into Axapta 2009. Each order has calculated tax as per there rules and policies. So, how to push sales tax into sales order in Axapta 2009 without axapta sales setup. I want to post the tax of each order into legder account without using complete sales tax setup because external system is calculating tax for each order.

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Hi Sayeed,

In this case, you need to consider the following:

  1. The amount you need to import in the Sales Order should be exclusive of the tax already. It means that the value should be the actual value to be posted on the Inventory Acct, COGS, AR and Revenue. When u post the Sales Order, no need to select the sales tax group and item sales tax group.

  2. You need to have a separate file to import and post the tax value in AX.

  3. AX will not be able to generate tax related reports.

Hope this helps in your design.

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In ax 2009 main setups for sales tax

  1. Ledger Posting group :- GL>Setup>Sales Tax > Ledger Posting Group

Ledger posing group like in as per Indian localization main setups that is anther patch is there in ax 2009 and 2012

put in all configuration for implementation for Eg

  1. Vat A) Sales Tax Payable and B) Use tax payable and C) Settlement account

  2. Excise

  3. Service Tax

  4. CST

  5. Custom’s

  6. Salas Tax Authorities :- this is also same path for setup

As per tax vendor vat state wise and regional wise we will create in in this criteria

Eg:- Excise Duty as per regional and area wise tax vendors (Central costumes and Excise Officers

Vat also State wise State Commercial Tax office r

  1. Sales tax Settlement periods :-same path

Right now in India different Taxation are there and different settlement periods are there

Eg : VAT and CST in AP every month 7th below will be submittable all returns and payment and MH is using settlement Periods is different

Service tax , Excise Duty , any different taxes maintaining different settlement periods so must be set up as per taxation

  1. Sales Tax Code :- same path

sales tax codes like maintained different percentage and values for collections and payment

Eg:- VAT in Ap maintain now 15 % and 5 % depending on items and MH Maintain different valuations,KN,TN are both.

Service tax Service tax depending on service maintain different percentages 10,2,5,8 and more and cess and Educational Cess

must be create all required tax codes

5)Sales Tax Groups :- same path

Any legal entity maintain different taxes and settlement ant tax codes Use this form to create sales tax codes for the sales taxes and duties that your company is obliged to calculate, collect, and pay to sales tax authorities.

Eg :- Sales Tax Group KN :- VAT KN as per percentages ,Service tax, Excise duty as per areas and percentages and customs and CST

  1. Item Sales Tax group :-same path

Eg :-

Service tax :-

Service tax 10 %

Cess 0.2%

S Cess 0.1 %

Total 10.3%


  1. Tax Registration Numbers :-




EXCISE as per area ABCD1234ABC123


  1. Tax components :- same path


AP VAT 5 % and 15%

KN vat 5 %, 8% 15 %

  1. Tax Leger posing group :- same path

as per ledger posing group and tax type and registration numbers and ledger accounts will set up in this fields

Balakishan Namala

HI Sayeed,

I have to do the same. I need to implement SalesTax amount for each order line. If you have already done it, kindly assist me.