Sales Tax for FMCG

Hi, In FMCG business, the standard sales price is an MRP of the item. MRP includes Base item price (landing cost of the item + Margin), item charges and Sales tax togather. Provided, User knows all of these factor, How would he post the sales tax in liabilities with balance impact on the expenses (and not in receivables). Secondly, Sales account should be hit with MRP and not the base item price. Example: X item having: MRP (Maximum Retail Price) - 105 Inclusive of Landed cost - 80 Margin - 10 ---------------------------------- Base Item price - 90 Item Charges - 10 Sales Tax - 05 FORMULA : MRP = (Landed Cost + Margin) + Item Charges + Sales Tax ---------------------- ------------- ------------- Accounting Entries Navision Standard entries: -------------------------- Sales Account 90 Item Charge Account 10 Sales Tax account 05 Receivables account 105 Expected entries from system: ----------------------- Sales Account 105 Sales Tax Payable Acc 05 (LIabilities) Receivable Account 105 Corporate Taxes 05 (Expense Account) Has anybody done this functionality (With or Without customization) while Navision implementation (Specifically in FMCG business)? Any insights on this would be a great help. Thanks Vipul

Dear Vipul, I have not done this functionality in any Navision implementation anyways u can take a look at the following: ------ You have 2 options 1. Customization, in that case u amend codeunit 12… 2. A work around is possible thru Structures in which case u keep Price as MRP and play with structures. The structure data as an text file i can send u. I have tested at my end and it is working For any further clarification u can revert back any time. Calculation Order Type Tax/Charge Code Calculation Type Calculation Value Base Formula Include Base Header/Line Loading on Inventory % Loading on Inventory Account No. 1 Charges ITEMCHARGE Fixed Value 10 Yes Header Yes 100 9240 2 Charges ITEMCHAR2E Fixed Value -10 1 Yes Header Yes 9240 3 Charges CORPTAX Fixed Value Yes Header No 9230 4 Sales Tax SALES TAX Yes Line No