Sales tax calculation error for 3.10a US

This is for the US/Canada version only… I think… In the codeunit 398 Sales Tax Management, in the function DistTaxOverSalesLine: The original code: Amount := (SalesLine.“Line Amount” - SalesLine.“Inv. Discount Amount”); TaxAmount := Amount * “Tax %” / 100; ReturnTaxAmount := ROUND(TaxAmount + TotalTaxAmountRounding); TotalTaxAmountRounding := TaxAmount + TotalTaxAmountRounding - ReturnTaxAmount; SalesLine.Amount := SalesLine.“Line Amount” - SalesLine.“Inv. Discount Amount”; SalesLine.“Tax Base Amount” := SalesLine.Amount; This code will incorrectly calculate sales tax on a taxable order if you have a line item in there that is checked not tax liable. You’ll need to add additional decimal points for rounding for the calculation to work correctly. ReturnTaxAmount := ROUND(TaxAmount + TotalTaxAmountRounding,0.001);

Have you reported this to the Navision US NTR?