Sales tax accounting

Hi Friends,

I have a issue related to sales tax accounting.

Normally, in AX, whenever we charge sales tax in any sales transaction, the customer is debited with the tax + invoice amount.

In one of the scenario, our customer requires that instead of sales tax being debited to customer, it should hit any expense ledger.


Let say that invoice amount in 200, and 20 is tax. In this case, following entries gets generated:

Customer 220 dr

sales 200 cr

tax 20 cr.

Requirement is as follows:

Customer 200 dr

Sales 200 cr

Expense 20 dr

Sales Tax 20 cr.

Is the above scenario can be mapped in AX where sales tax can be booked in expense rather than to customer??

I am basically using on-account invoices of project accounting module in AX 2012.