Sales Shipment


I’m with a problem in one of my customers…

He wants that NAV makes only one Sales Shipment for more than one sales order…Is that possible?

How can I do it to make possible that kind of feacture?

Thx in advance.

With the warhouse functionality you can post just one shipment for more than one order, but if you are talking about the sales shipment document, in any case NAV generates one document for each order.



Yes it is possible!! but only with one warehouse. Multiple Sales Orders with one Shipment if it’s one warehouse.

  1. Create Sales Orders, release all sales orders.

  2. Go to Warehouse Module-Planning & Execution-Shipments.

  3. Create a New Shipment Header-F3, select the Location code and other info…

  4. Place Cursor on Shipment lines and select the button Functions (on right hand bottom) and click on “Release” here, you can see a list of all sales orders released for the specific location.

  5. Select the lines and post the shipment only if you have further warehouse process such as pick.

Hope this helps!!

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