sales revenue per department

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I have a question of business related not product ( AX ) related . The question is how sales will be generated by other departments . Generally it will be generated by Sales or Marketing department only . How other departments ( Finance , purchase , production , HR , Quality , …) will involve in the sales .

What is the exact meaning of sales revenue per department ?

Any explanation from pioneers or business analysts ?[:(]

Just because you have sales revenue by deparetment does not mean you have to have a quality department that makes sales. They may value add on top of a quality process out of the door, but essentially it is tracking the department responsible for the sales on the definition of the source department by the business, which in itself differs business to business.

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Generally in all ERP’s we can analyze the financial data using dimensions . Most of the clients will ask the Sales revenue by Department .

Being a Functional consultant what iwill suggest is create the department as dimensions and attach to sales order and post the transactions .

Then using Dimension sets we can analyze the data fo sales revenue by department.

Now my question when i am doing a sale , which department i need to select ?

Please guide me .

The department that made the sale

Hi Steven ,

Even though the question is not related to AX , you are trying to help me . Thanks for help.

That is my question , always it must be Sales dept , How other departments will be cause for the sales ?[:O]

A service department could sell replacement parts or sell warranties or after care etc.

A marketing department could sell collateral.

A repairs department could sell additional requirements.

A logistics department could sell insurance

A support department selling hot fix resolutions.

A consultancy department upselling services or product.

Many many examples that go on depending upon the business and the channels they have to market.