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If I have sell some item to the customer and I create the Delivery Order ( I posted it too ), and before I create the Invoice for that item ( before I posted Invoice for the Shipment / Delivery Order ), the items that I deliver to the customer are return to me So … I must record this kind of return transaction …right ? The question is … how I must manage that kind of question in Navision Attain ? Thanks for the help Best Regards, Agatha

Hi Agatha I do not think there is any way of “unshipping” an item, so if you have posted the shipment you have to follow the process through. Invoice the order out, and then create a sales credit memo for the item and apply this to the issued invoice. This should reverse all transactions correctly and put the returned item back into stock for you to deal with accordingly (scrap, repair, re-sell, etc.) I hope this helps. Steve

Hi Agatha, YOu have mentioned that you have not posted the shipment / Invoice. If that is the case then you dont need to do anything but just delete the delivery order or block it. If there is no shipment then why a credit memo. Thanks, Best regards, Prashanth

Prashanth I took the phrase


I create the Delivery Order ( I posted it too )

to refer to the process of Posting the shipment. If it isn’t, and it isn’t exactly clear, then of course you are right - I simply hadn’t read it this way! Steve

Hi Agatha! If you have only posted the Delivery then you also could “correct” it within the Order and Invoice, without creating/posting a Sales Credit Memo: Put another line on your Sales Order with the (delivered) Item-No and the reverse quantity of the returned items, e.g. if 100 items were delivered, and 50 were sent back, then put -50 there. Now you can post the negativ Delivery, that will correct your stock and - after posting - your Invoice will show the corrected amount. Well, that’s not very nice, but it works! (P.S.: The Total Amount must not be negativ!) Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Agath mentioned that it was Navision Attain. Your answers is corrent when talking about Navision Financials, but in Navision Attain there is a Customer Returns functionality. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S

Lars is correct (of course), but the Sales Order Returns is a separately licensed granule that must have been purchased. Joerg’s solution is no additional cost and looks like it works for this situation. I consider Joerg’s solution the “poor man’s Returns process” and have used it at several sites. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner Edited by - daves on 2001 Sep 13 17:28:04

Everyone is correct about putting in a credit memo to reverse the accounting and restore the inventory. But, there is one more thing that came up at one of my sites just this week… We have developed several reports that analyze shipments based on the “Posted Shipments Lines” table (I know that’s not the actual name of the table). The problem is that Credit Memos do not get factored into our shipment reports. I am considering adding some code to create “negative shipments” for credit memo’s to resolve this. I spoke with Navision support yesterday about any negative ramifications and they couldn’t come up with any. If anyone on this forum knows of any “gotcha’s” with this approach, I’d appreciate any feedback. Regards, Mark. Mark Keener Automated Number Crunching Dayton, OH USA

Hi Mark, Because the Posted Shipments information is essentially a history file, not an accounting file, I think you can be pretty comfortable adding your “negative shipments” to it. The only cross references I’m aware of into that table is to display Shipments detail from Sales Orders and I think some of the Returns functionality in Advanced Distribution. Dave Studebaker das@libertyforever Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner