Sales return

Hi friends,

I have posted an invoice for x quantity, and the same has been reversed using Return order for X quanity. even after posting of Sale return for the entire quantity, i am able to post sale return for n number of times even though it has been already returned… Is it a problem with Navision or mistake in posting the Sale return.

You are allowed to make as many returns as you want. NAV does not check whether a sale earlier has been returned or not. In fact, you may even make a return-order for an item that have never been sold at all.

Only possible check is on SalesHeader, fields “Applies-to Doc. Type” and “Applies-to Doc. No.” - if those two fields are emtpty I cannot see any reason that NAV rejects a return-order.

One feature may help you though: look at SalesLine field “Appl.-from Item Entry”; by that field you may point out the salestransaction you wants to return…

This answer goes to Credit Memos and Purchases as well.