Sales return order

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one user create the sales reurn order and in the Salesorder form it is showing the status open but in the posting all the option are disable.and the return order is invoice.In the sales order return form its status is open instead of close.Can u advise me how can i change the status on sales order form from open to invoiced.And also under item arrival form that sales order is open.Please advise


You need to process it thorough the arrival journal, delivery note update it and then invoice it.

Hi Adam, I have related question with sales return. I notice that when I try to create a sales returned order type, the system throws a warning message “returned order cannot be created manually”.

I have a sales invoice posted through SO that I need to reverse. So I tried to use the Arrival form, where I attempted to select the Sales Order # for the customer, entered item, quantity etc., When validate “No lines with this item exist in the journal.” what am I missing here?

Hi Adam, I was looking at the wrong place to create the sales return order - I found it from sales & marketing module

is there a way to disable "Disposition code"

Nope you have to use the functionality due to what it does with the stock.

Hi Patrick,

Disposition code is mandt and it will let you the know that what you have to do it with the returned goods. like, you need to keep it in stock, scarp,replace goods, credit to customer etc.,


Hi Imran,

I have the same problem as you describe here. Did you find any solution to this issue?

Sales Order line is invoiced but the Sales order is still Open and so the linked Return Order.

However the line has been received and invoiced.

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