Sales Return Order - Applies to/from details

Can someone please explain to me the function of the Applied to/from on the Sales Return Order? From what I see this would be a great idea IF the list that is pulled up is only the item ledger entries from THAT customer, and not ALL of them. What happens behind the scene when the Applies to/from details are used? Thanks.

Hi Sandy If the customer is specified on the returns order then the applies to field is filtered automatically on the customer number. I would presume the idea to apply a returns order to an invoice would be to close the open entry - although obviously if the customer has already paid the invoice this would not apply.

Sandy, I believe that filling in Applies-From on a Sales Return Order allows the system to do Exact Cost Reversing, which means that the system will use the exact same inventory costs that were posted with the original sale. This keeps your inventory valuation and COGS correct. -Alan