Sales Return and Sales Cancellation posting types enabled in Item Group > Sales Order form

Hi All,

I have a newly set up AX- 2012 R3- CU9 environment set up for the client. The country code enabled is US.

Could you please tell me in what case we will see Sales return and Sales cancellation posting accounts in the posting and item group form for sales order posting?

I checked in all other standard environments but I could not see these accounts there at all under sales order posting type.

In my specific case, if I go to Inventory management > Set up > Posting > Posting and look in SO tab I can see 2 new accounts Sales return and sales cancellation which are disabled.

When I navigate to Inventory management > Set up > Item group, and go too Sales order posting type, I can see that Sales return and sales cancellation accounts and they are enabled.

I would like to know if anyone knows in what cases or for any specific set up these accounts are visible in AX?

Thanks in advance.



They are specific to Brazil. If you have contoso data look at BRSI company.

Thanks for your reply.

I have selected US country code only in my license configuration. So what could be the reason that these accounts are enabled here.



Here is a document,

You need a login for this, partner/customer source.


Thanks Kranthi, I think this is what I was looking for. I believe this will give me clarity on my issue.