Sales Report

I am looking to run a total sales by customer with a start date of January 1, 2012. I do not need sales detail, just a YTD total by customer. Can someone please help me. Thank you

Now you didn’t mention product/version, but assuming that you mean Dynamics NAV, then you should be able to use the normal “Sales Statistics” (report 112).

My version is 2009 R2. I looked at that report, it works but has alot more info than my supervisor is looking for. Is there a simple report - something that would give me just the “sales” figuresthe sales and not the Cost of sales, payment discounts, finance charges? Thank you

There is not really anything simpler. But it wouldn’t take a NAV developer a lot of time creating something which would just shov No. Name and Sales.

Or why don’t you do it in Excel? Either directly using ODBC, or even easier with something like Jet Reports? There is free version of Jet Reports available that should be able to do that ( as well as a lot more.

Why don’t you try it in Analysis Reports ?? You can create such report in Analysis report.

You can use the sales stats report but preview it and then save to Excel. Once in excel you can remove and add information to your hearts content and tart it up for your supervisor.