sales report by customer invoice showing GP

Is there a standard report that show customer invoice,(and invoice #) profit, and profit %. I have look and I can’t find one.

Thanks Andy

See if you have Salesperson Statistics By Inv. Report 10060. It’s a start.

options tab- print details=yes

Ok many thanks will do! Andy

We dont have 100060 which is a pian… Any other ideas would be appreciated.


Sometimes reports in different regions are numbered differently - how about goto designer->reports & filter on the list Salesperson see if anything appears. Also go thru your sales reports.

The report I mentions is based on
-Cust. Ledger Entry

See here: I renumbered it 50060 - you’ll have to change the ($) to (VAT) or whatever symbol is used in your system.

Many thanks I found it!

In the UK it’s report #114. This is grouped and tells me by sales person which is very helpful. However I’m trying find the same layout report but by each invoice rather than grouped by sales person.

Anyway, cheers many thanks and good health!!


Do you have an options tab on that report? You should be able to see each invoice if you check off “print details”

I’m sorry to say no option as you suggest. Can I filter in some way to achieve the same end? It would be great to see the report invoices line by line so I can see GP’s line by line rather than GP by total order. Thanks again