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Just Would like check Can we discuss about reference and case studies for prospects here ? I am in fact looking for somebody who has a reference customer for construction Industry.(which include Project Management, Job Costing) Specialising on fabricating Chemical Process Factory or any thing similar. Best Rgds Puspak

This would be the right place to look for reference or case study information. But I would expect that if someone has a reference they are willing to share, they should make direct contact via email or a private message. I wouldn’t think it really appropriate to see a reference contact posted publicly. Case study information is already public (typically), so reference to it here would certainly be appropriate. As to your inquiry, several of the NTR sites, including Navision US, include case study information you can freely reference. On the US site, there is a case study for a manufacturer of Waste Water Treatement equipment for example. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

the following link shows some engereering companies using Navision for their cost controlling and project planning/calculation:,2 Kind regards Walter