Sales & Receivables Setup rights

I dont get it. When you create new user, put only ONE permission of ALL USERS then you can edit the sales & receivables setup area, even when the permissions table says you can only read it.

Is it only the Sales & Receivables Setup area or all the Setup areas?

It seems to be the same in all setup areas. Even tho the permissions allow only reading the tables.

Hello, When the user changes something in one of the setups, what happens when you hit ESC? Navision should give you a permission warning. If it does not - Check the following: 1.) Compare the permissions on the ‘ALL’ group in your database with that in the Cronus database, there must be a difference somewhere. 2.) Check the permissions for “Table Data” and the Object ID, not that for “Table” - It is “Table Data” that controls the write permissions. 3.) Check that no one has accidentally entered a line with the following: Object Type: Table Data Object ID: 0 and has assigned Read/Insert/Modify/Delete permissions to it. This will allow access to all tables. [:0] NB. Always try out changes to permissions on a test system first.