sales quotes come as default although i assign no series sales order in No field of sales header

I have problem .

From Financial Management - Setup-No.Series

I write Two series for sales order and sales quotes

code name start no end no

AR-so Sales Order :je-so-00001 999999 default manual(check mark both default and manual)

AR-sq Sales quote :je-sq-00001 999999 default manual (check mark both default and manual)

Sales receivable setup

sales order : AR-so

sales quotes : AR-sq

When i make sales order it added as sales quotes why

How i solve this problem

in this link you can see my problem as following

WHEN we make new sales order it come as sales quotes obligatory why

how i solve this problem

Hi Ahmed,

Looks like a custom form? Maybe check the filter settings? If you don’t place a filter on the “Document Type” field to define what kind of document you’re inserting (Quote,Order,Invoice,etc.), then NAV will default the value to Quote (the first value in the option string). Try filtering “Document Type” by Order, and see if that solves your problem. Take a look at form 42 Sales Order to see how that’s done.

By looking at your error I feel there is some filter is applied on the screen because of this error occured

Kindly check on Form …

Thank you for reply i make filter on form as following :

WHERE(Document Type=FILTER(Order))

The problem it solved

Thank you guys for help