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Really basic question. We are wanting to change the layout to the sales quotation that we generate.

I thought this would be done through the Object Designer and then editing the report sales quote (204)

I did this by highlighting the report, then clicking desin, then View and Sections

However, changes made here do not appear when we re-print a quote.

Help appreciated.


Hi Greg,

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Can you check that this report that the Quotes are using. To check this go to

Administration → Application Setup → Sales & Marketing → Report Selection.

Standard practice would be to copy (use File → Save As) the standard report and make your layout changes and then use the report selection to select the new layout.

Thank you.

Yes, that showed I needed to edit the reort 10570 (Sales - Quote GB)

One issue that arose though, when trying to save as, an error saying I do not have permision, even though I am a super user.

What range should I use? Or does that depend on the license I have.


Hi Greg,

It depends on the license. The normal custom range is 50000 - 50099 but can be assigned differently on you license. If you don’t know the range, we developed a tool to display this which you can download from here

Thanks, sorry another question.
Now I have located the correct Report to edit.

Basically I want to put various logo’s onto the quote.
I have edited the report in Visual Studio, added an embedded image to the report, saved and compiled.

However, when I do a new quote the logo’s do not appear.

Help required please

If you are using Nav 2009 - here is a good walkthrough


Thanks, I had already come across that before posting on here, unfortunately this does not appear to work for me.

Additionally, I have tried adding a text box, with the word TEST in, this also does not appear.

However if I hide one of the fields already on the report that works, so I know I am working on the correct report.



Can you clarify what to do at this point please?

  1. Save and import RDLC changes, and then compile report in Classic client.

Sorry to post again. If I edit the report from NAV, view, sections the changes are applied, although I cannot get a picture in there.

If I edit using Visual Studion the changes are not applied, therefore I must be missing the step after you save the changes in Visual Studio.


Where is your picture stored that you want to display? Is it company logo, saved in Company table or something similar, then you might be missing CALCFIELDS. or else if it store at some shared drived and you are specifying the file path, then it should work.

In this case Save the changes in Visual Studio, close VS and then save the changes in report (in Object designer/ classic client), then run the report from RTC or command prompt.


So, I save the report in VS, then go back to NAV, close the object designer, I am then prompted

"The layout of report id:10750 is changed by another application.
Filename of the changed RDLC:
Do you want to load the changes ?

To which i press YES

When I run a quote, the changes are not displayed.