Sales quote to Order Assembly order - NAV 2016

Hi Folks -

One of our customers user is trying to use the Make order function from a Sales quote. When they click on Make order, they get a standard message ‘Do you want to convert a quote to order?’ and when they say Yes they get the below message. On the Item F220006036 on the Sales quote line they have Qty. to Assemble to Order = 1. Does anyone know what would be causing this message.


Any help is truly appreciated.


Do you have changes for CU 86?

Just 2 custom fields called Gauge and Length which are a text field and when order is created from quote this field will be carried over to order from quote, other than that there is no other major changes or customizations.

I think you need to use debug mode (because this CU does not have this message).

And this message comes from CU 905 “Assembly Line Management” PreCheckAndConfirmUpdate.

You need to check who and when change data…

Thank you RefFox, I found the issue, the issue was not in the code, what this user did was copied this Quote from another quote that had assembly lines and after copying the quote she changed the Item no. on the copied sales quote lines, now when the Item no. on Sales quote line, if you go the subpage Line—>Assembly order–>Assembly quote it should have the same Item no. that you have on the Sales quote line. If it’s different and when you try to Make order of course system will give the above message because it’s trying to change the Item no. and when the item no. is changed and when the quote is converted into an order it will take assembly lines from Assembly BOM. In this user case they don’t have assembly BOM, they create it on the fly.

Many…Many thanks for your help for debugging this for me.