Sales quote History???

Dear Experts is there a possibility that we can view the Sales Quotes given to a customer even after it’s been converted into an order??? If yes how do I do it? If no what is the alternative ??? the client will want to see the quote given to it’s customer… for a fture reference… how to handle this? Shilpa

The answer is yes, depending what Navision Version you are running. When printing the Quote, on the options page you should find a option called “Archive Document”. When this is ticked, the Sales Quote is getting archived in exactly the same version as it is when printing the quote. You also could archive the quote manually by selecting the Functions menu button from the order form and select “Archive Document”. This also works for other Document types, not only Sales Quotes.

Since 3.60 for sure, did not check for earlier versions.

Hey!! Thanks!!! that really worked! Shilpa

No Problem, but … … do you think I’m lying ?

Not at all … Thanks!