Sales Quote from Several Purchase orders

Hi all,

I would like to know what is the best way to reproduce this scenario: My company is buying several parts from different suppliers for the same Customer. So right now they are using an excel sheet for that where all below information are written:

  • Customer ID and Name

  • Each line has the item ID with description; qty ; price and extended price; Potential Vendor Name and Vendor ID.

Any help will be appreciated.


The request for quotation fits the requirement to a higher extent here. You can create RFP for an item and ask the quotation from multiple vendors in the same RFP. You can even enter their replies like pricing, do the comparision and accept or reject it. Accepting will create PO from RFP.

The gap is the customer linkage as on RFP, you don’t specify customers. But with small modification, this should be achievable.


Thanks Pranav. I’ll take a look on that

Are the parts individual or connected? Are they loaded only on a quote (so why are you buying) or are they on a sales order? Creating purchase orders from the sales order would link sales lines in the reference .

All parts are on the sales order. In fact , the first step is a sales order from a Customer and next all items are bought from different vendors. I guess the way to go is to create sales order and then from each line create PO, right?

I would use the create purchase order function on the sales order for what you have described.