Sales quotation into journal sales order


When we turn a sales quotation into a sales order it creates the order as order type sales order but we would like it to create it in journal, our default order type in parameters is journal, Is there a way to change quotations to journal?



Hi Martin,

The parameter setting is related to creating new orders manually. The sales order conversion assumes the quotation has been accepted and you need to deliver the goods. So this is not looking at the parameter, but it will create it as an order.
In fact you have to see the quotation as the journal type with some extended functionality.
To change the behavior, you need a customization which is NOT recommended. Note that the reservations and master planning are having a certain flow. You can include quotations in your requirements. When converting the quotation to a journal then there are no inventory transactions and there will be a gap in the reservations and master planning processes.
So try to stay away from a customization and learn to work with the standard.