Sales Quotation expiry date at form level

Hi All,
Where can I see Sales Quotation expiry date at form level ?
Thanks in advance.

Sales Quotations → General tab → Quotation status…

Hi Kranthi,

I want to know the Expiry date means when it will expire that Quotation.

Please let me know.

The quotation prices expire on this date - normal working practice irrelevant of systems, this is the AX method of communicating this.

Thanks for the informaiton.

How can i come to know when the Sales Quote will expire , please let me know any information availble in the standard product.?

It is on the overview tab called expiry date.

Sales Ledger - Parameters - Expiry Days. This will calculate it, or you can manually enter it.

Thanks sir,

I am looking for the Expiry date on the Sales Quotation form .

Please let me know.

Have you seen in the general tab???

Yes the parameter setting I referenced relates to sales quotes. Change it and you will see when you load another quote