Sales/Purchase Approvals variance

Does anyone know with the current approval process for 5.0 sales/purchases if there is anywhere to set up a change variance allowance? The idea is that if a purchase order has been approved for $100. Now the user needs to post the p.o and realizes that it was for $120. Instead of having to go through the whole approval process again, the user would have either an amount variance or percentage difference change allotment before the approval process would kick in. It would be silly to have to go through the whole process if the user had to make minor changes to amounts, etc sometimes.

I’m not sure if this capability is built into the current 5.0 approval process or if i would have to develop this. Does anyone know of have a solution?

The whole approval system has a different idea besides it - if doc is set up as needing approval, you can build the schema who (e.g. one level or chain) must approve and what maximum LCY Amt each of them can manage, etc etc

BUT, the approval itself is only two-state - complete Yes or No, and standart doesn’t allow any changes/variances - let it be Amt or whatsoever, so, out of box your problem can’t be solved. At least so I understood, checking the manual (it was Whats New - Application - Part 1)

The whole idea of approving lies in the fact, that the Approver makes final decision, not the clerk typing in documents - so why allow the Clerk to make some changes the Approver has no idea about?


Forgot to mention - with Sales you can use the Credit Limit option – while Customer is in his limit, its OK – but that isn’t applicable to Purchase side, which interests you more.

Thanks for your response. I didn’t think it was standard to have a variance allowance. Had it built in v3.6 days but i thought maybe by 5.0 it would.