Sales Prices, Item Description

Hi, on an item card’s sales price screen, I want to see the item description next to the item code.

From the tools > designer menu I can see the table ‘item’ and in a new field’s source-expr component I can select Item.desc, but it won’t display after compliation. Please help. [:S]

You need to use a flowfield. Ad a description field to the table set the FieldClass to Flow Field and in the calc formula, look up the description from item where Item no = no

That looked the perfect solution, and simple too. Apparently my license doesn’t permit me to do this though. But thanks all the same [:)]

Item record is available Form but not used in coding…

so simply write
IF Item.GET(“Item No.”) THEN;

in OnOpenForm trigger and add Item.Description in new text box and set editable property to No…

Thanks for that [Y][:D]

Is there a really simple way similar to this that would allow me to see the Item table if it wasn’t there, under the source-expr bit? I have that issue with another form. [:(]

You can declare it in global variables…

View–>c/al globals

enter Item in name

datatype record

Item in subtype…

Genius. [H]