sales person commision - different way


In navision in sales header or purchae header u can give the percentage for each sales person / Purchaser.

But my client is asking they are paying per qty and per Unit of measure wise , not based on the invoice wise.

That means If the Qty = 1000 KGs then per each Kg they will pay 1 LCY

That they want in sales / Purchase Line wise not header wise.

How can we do this in Navision .

Please throw your valuable help on this.

Thanks and regards

There are many ways to assign, evaluate and pay commissions. Almost every company has its own way. To be equitable Navision does nothing. [:)]

The commission percentage on the Salesperson/Purchaser table is a very poor tool. To meet customers’ needs some implementations are necessary. There are third parties’ solutions available around. In Italy I could name at least three - two of them developed by myself for two different partners. [H]

Anyway, you may try a solution like this:

  1. build a table with salesperson code, item code, unit of measure and commission percentage or, maybe, commission factor - that is a number which, multiplied for the quantity gives the commission amount.

  2. add a the commission percentage/factor to table 37, 111, 113, 115, 6661 being sure to use the same field number

  3. on table 37 add a function which looks up the the commission percentage/factor in the above said table and have it executed in “No.” and “Unit of Measure Code” VALIDATE triggers.

  4. write a report that evaluates and prints the commissions due on a range of invoices and credit memos (credit memos may or may not - according with the company’s policies - cause commission withdraw)

This is just the simplest idea - from this starting point you and your customer may complicate it at will. [:)]

Thanks Anna,

I will try about this .

Can I know about the Third party Names for this.