Sales OrderShip To Address not transferring to PO on DropShips

I searched and don’t see anyone asking about this, so I am thinking some kind of bug.

It appears that for an order which generates a PO [in this case a drop ship] the functionality takes the information from an associated ship to record attached to the customer and not the address as entered on the order.

I am told by my VAR this is core functionality. Since you can override the Ship To information or type a manual address on any order and I cannot conceive of a time where this functionality would/could be considered correct. What is on the order has got to be considered correct IMHO.
We buy a lot of stuff that is shipped from the manufacturer to the end using consumer without the goods hitting our warehouse. Sometimes, the ship address is completely different from the bill to customer. [ie Costco buys the goods from us but wants it shipped to their customer] Obviously, we are not interested in establishing permanent ship to associations for these one time ship tos and it would also muddy the water with thousands of ship to records attached to Costco rather than just their warehouses.
Can anyone confirm that this is just how NAV 2009 works? is this a bug? If a bug, is there a patch?