Sales Orders missing Country/Region

We have some strange behavior going on in Sales orders. We have some orders where when entered, the Country/Region is not defaulting in. I have checked to see that it is in fact loaded on the Customer’s address as well as the Zip/Postal code. The more unusual part is that it is seemingly random and I cannot replicate it. I checked database logging to see if somehow the user is removing it but found nothing. When I go to the order, if remove the Zip and put it right back in, Country appears.

Anyone ever experienced this before? In AX2009?

No never experieinced it - did you migrate the data in? The issue is the randomness, you need to somehow isolate this more to find a reason. Any modifications to the address?

Hi there!

I assume you’re using AX09.

have you properly check the address? If so, double check it again.

Go to AR > Common Forms > SO Details > choose SO > Address.

In the Zip/Postal code > Go to main table form > General, then from there on, fill up everything.

Make sure there’s no duplicate Zip code

Hope I made it clear. =)

That’s the thing. The address on the Customer account is fine. The Zip code is also fine. Something is happening when the enter the order, Country is not populating. So far it seems random and I myself have yet to be able to duplicate the issue in our Test environment.

I see where your coming from…

Probably, there’s a problem on the string connection of your system.

You might want to check the SQL but I cannot help you further on this. =(