Sales order

Hi all

i have a sales order in which i select one item wrongly as the description is like same.I Have invoiced the sales oder, now i want to change that item from the original one. Can u advise me what should i do.


Post the invoice with negative delivery now for that line, then delete the line. Except reversing there is no other way…

Thanks for replying Kranthi

but the sales order is invoiced, all the feild got disable. After invoicing how can i do.Do i need to reverse the whole sales order and create the new by correcting that single line. How do i reverse through the Sales return order.


I believe the safety level of invoiced sales orders is set to Locked(In AR → Parameter → Updates tab).So it is not allowing to change the invoiced sales order. Change the value to none and do as above. Don’t use return order it is a different business process.

I do it to none and now i am able to change the deliver now to -ve quantity but in posting button all the options are disable.

Can u explain me the bussiness process for the Return order why we use this and how???


as i have delete that wrong line, do this give the reverse impact on inventory and finance.And also the previous documents are the same they all showing that item

Have you done posting with negative quantity in Deliver now(quantity tab)? This will post the reverse entries in inventory and finance.

Return Orders(sales) are used when the goods are returned from the customer not in the case of reversing a wronlgy posted transaction.

when i select the item and update it with -ve quantity from quantity tab, all the options of posting get enable except confirmation.And when i invoice it an error message come ‘no lines for posting or quantity =0’’, and when i go in lines( posting/invoice(invoice form)) no line was there.

now what to do next.


In the invoice posting form change the quantity parameter to Deliver now and then post it…