Sales Order

When creating a Sales Order i need a button that writes this order to a text file before i post it,please help with a piece of a code that can do this.

My idea was to create a button that call a dataport that will export the order to a text file,it looks like its a long route to do it,please help with a shortcut to do it.[:@]

Does it need to be read programatically? Here are a few options:

  1. Click SaveAsHtml before running the report. This can also be done programatically.

  2. If using 5.0 click, Export the report to Word and then when in word save as text.

  3. Save the report as a .pdf file (many examples online). Then in the .pdf run save as text.

  4. Use an XML Port instead of a dataport. 99008515 Outbound Sales Order Confirm. is probably pretty close to what you need. You can use a style sheet to strip out the unwanted XML.

Thanks it worked!

You’re welcome. Which option did you go with?