Sales order wrong quantity was deducted from inventory

Hi everybody,
i have a question related to Sales orders.

they are lots of sales orders where wrong quantity was deducted from inventory through sales order lines.

i.e. for example if the user put 50 qty in SO line and post the SO… but when we check inventory transactions the qty deducted from retail outlet warehouse only 1, and this issue not happening for all sales orders.

Many thanks for all.

Be more specific.
As we know, we can create SO line of Qty required (eg: 50). You could post multiple Documents(Packing sliip/Invoice) for the same by specifying the requested qty.
The qty , which you are posting depends on the Qty specified in the document posting form(PackingSlip/Invoice…), not on the Qty on The SO line.

If it’s posting Qty other than specified in the document posting form, giving more info about your system setup(eg: sceenshots) someone might help you.

Hi Krishna,
thanks for response.
Am invoicing the whole SO with all qty’s on lines, sometimes there is one or more items deduct the wrong qty from inventory, and if its was wrong, always deduct the same value from inventory -1.
also checked unit issue, but unfortunately, both of them item and SO line using same unit.

appreciated if you have some ideas, specially on setup area and may effect what am facing here.