Sales order ( with BO) to cancel

Hi all, I want to cancel a sales order ( with Drop ship) because the customer doesnt want it anymore. Facts: - There is a partial shipment on the order - The opened PO related to that CANT be cancelled even if the SO need to be cancelled Please can anybody has a way to cancel the SO without cancelling the PO ? ( without doing modifications to the system) Thanks Rosine

Hi all, I’m still waiting. Nobody has a clue ??? Bye RF

I think the only way is to complete the “paperwork” as though the shipping and billing were completed normally, then use credit memos to back out the results. I know that’s kludgy, but once these processes are part way done, Navision software likes them to be completed in the expected way. I understand Attain 3.60 may have a better answer, but that won’t help you any now.