Sales order when the item in two warehouse

hi all

i am making an sales order,and add one new item in it 0f 50 unit but 25 unit is in one warehouse and other 25 unit in another ware house. how we do this.


imran ul haq

It depends - irrelevant to the ANY system how would you physically meet the demands of the customer when the stock is in two separate warehouses - answer this and then you apply this to AX.

under one site we have different warehouses we can place one item in two warehouses perhapes in Ax we can maintain the item location based on our customer.well i dont know much but i think this condition can be mapped in AX…

You did not answer the question - irrelevant of systems how would the business physically meet the needs of the customer when the item is split in two warehouses, transfer to a central warehouse or ship from the individual warehouses. It can be achieved in AX.

how it is irrelevant, we can place the item at multiple sites and whenever required by the customer can transfer from one to other.this is the answer or i am not able to understand your question.

if it can be achieved can u please tell me the steps or the step wise procedure with concept.


So you would load a sales order for 100 and if there were 50 in A and 50 in B you would transfer 50 from B to A and ship all from A. B is your main warehouse for purchasing. This means the sales line is on A, it means you need an item coverage group for warehouse A to be supplied from B. B would have an item coverage to purchase. Master planning would suggest a transfer from B to A.

can we use the tranfer voucher also for this, as i found an suggession on internet

and what about finnace dies it effect in finance.

You can use the transfer journal but the system would never suggest it because this is not seen as a real physical movement. This approach also impacts on planning. Transfer Journal has no impact financially, transfer journal does but the net is generally zero.