Sales Order To Purchase order

How can i create a purchase order from the sales order card ? I tried it with drop shipment and special order but could not do it… I want to create a sales order such that a purchase order is created for it which has the sales order number in the purchase lines.

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Which version of Navision you are using ??

What is problem your are facing while creating special order ???

Thank you… [:)]

I am using Nav 13.

I created a purchase order for a particular item.

Then in the lines from order i did drop shipment > purchase order. On doing this a blank on-editable purchase order is openning.

When i did special order > purchase order then the posted purchase receipts page is displayed without any receipts.

Is there any customization done ??

Hi Tamalika,

Exactly how did you do this?

Did you:

  1. Create the sales order. Selecting the “Purchasing Code” on the lines as either special order or drop shipment.

  2. Create the purchase order. Specifying the “Sell-to Customer No.” on the Shipping tab.

  3. Uses the “Get Sales Order” function from either the “Drop shipment” or “Special Order” buttons.

Please let me know if you did all these steps correctly. [:)]