Sales Order to Production Order


I wanted to confirm that, I am not able to directly produce the Sales Order to Production order. I need to select individual item from the Sales Line item and then from menubuttons besides them Inquires->Production.

Is this the way to generate Production Order from Sales order module? OR I can generate PO from directly SalesOrder?



Generating a Production order or Purchase Order - depends on the requirement.

From the sales order you can directly create production order or Purchase order as you specified

or you can run Master planning to create planned production orders.

when you are creating a production order from sales order → inquiries → Production → you can only create production order for individual sales lines…


Yes, You are correct. When I am using Sales Order->Inquires->Produciton, it will create production order for each sales line.

But actually i wanted to know that, how can i create a production order for whole sales order?

Can you please show me the steps to generate Production Order for whole sales order?



for that you need ot make use of master planning…


I have follow the below steps as you have mentioned in your previous comment.

Kindly let me know if i am doing something wrong.

  1. I have created a new Sales order.

  2. I have create multiple Sales Lines to above created sales order.

  3. Now go to Master Planning->Master Scheduling.

  4. Select Master plan to 20 (dynamic master plan).

  5. It Prompts with “Item coverage updated.”

After performing above steps, at the last i am not able to find my sales lines items (OR sales order or production order) to the Planned order list.

Please sugget me if i am doing anything wrong.

Thank you for all your support.


Hi Ashlesh

If you are trying to produce ONE production order to cover multiple sales lines for different items the system will not do this.

If you are trying to fulfill one sales order then planning is the way. If your items are not on the planned production order list then look at the net requirements, you may have stock, then look at the item coverage settings and the coverage group settings to ascertain how the system is configured to react to supply and demand.


That means you are saying like, “there exists a production order only for single sales line item.”(one production order for one sales line item). Is this so?

I am really very much confused based on this term.

Can you please elaborate your concern.




Go to Production and load a manual one. It is item centric with BOM and routing. Two sales lines for two different production items will be two production orders.


Thanks for the info.

Finally got your point.

Please confirm me for the below:

Now, the next step to process the Production Orders is,

  1. Update-> Estimations

  2. Update->Scheduling (Operation OR Job)

  3. Update->Release

  4. Update->Start

  5. Update->Report as Finished

  6. Update->End

To finish the whole cycle from sales order to production (delievery), should I process all above steps?

Also can you please give some brif on the process of Planned Orders details?

Actually I wanted to know that difference between the process of Production Order and the process of Planned Order.

Thanks for everything.

You have cleared lot of doubts of mine.

Thanks again.


No you do not need to do all stages, it will do them for you. Also the parameters control the possible movements between stages.

Ending does however remove WIP cost it finally and cannot be reveresed.

A planned order can only be converted into an actual one. An actrual one you process against. Planned orders come from planning based upon demand/capacity/material requirements based upon an awful lot of settindgs.