Sales Order Statistic

I just found out this issue not long time ago. It looks simple but if you don’t notice about that, it will create a big mistake when doing the analysis, besides, misleading the information to the End Users. Please correct my understanding if this is wrong. The Cost ($) and Profit ($) in Form 10038 (Sales Order Statistic) is apparently not reflecting the actual average cost by location and it is using the average unit cost as overall, which is wrong if your costing is setup by location. We are under Navision 3.60 with average costing method. For many years, our company has mistakenly analyze the cost amount and profit margin on this form. Until I issue this subject in this forum, I asked them to do not use this screen to analyze the profit margin when doing orders; wait until I found the answer. My questions are: 1. Is it a standard from Navision to calculate it that way? 2. What is the possibility to have the calculation by location on this form? Thanks for any helps! Zen

Hi Zen, firstly this is not a bug, and second its not new. Navision has worked like this since I can remember. At least as far back as the 3.04 DOS version. The system was deliberately designed to work this way. I know I have posted about his before, I will see if I can find the post. Assuming you are an end user, then you should speak with your NSC, since they should have explained this to you. The form is acting correctly as designed, but you need something different. The form currently looks at the order lines, and gets the cost from there. If it used Current Average cost, then each time you looked at the form it could give you a different number. Your NSC can create the values you are after, but be aware f exactly whatt those numbers will mean.