Sales order reservation

Hi to all, i’m current work on Dynamics AX 2012 R2 CU7. On this version this affermation is true?

"In standard Dynamics AX item reservations are applied on all

physical dimensions and the physical items are pinpointed down

to the most detailed level: Location, Pallet, Batch number, etc.

There are a number of disadvantages related to that approach:

As for the dimensions identifying the physical items, e.g. batch

numbers and serial numbers, it typically does not make sense to

allocate these at the time of order intake – such dimensions are

most often decided by the person picking the physical items. As

for the dimensions identifying where the physical items are stored,

e.g. Location and Pallet, it typically applies unintended restrictions

to the storage of items because the items are fixed to

reside on this dimension set and cannot be transferred around."

No that is not true, it reserves based upon the primary stocking flag in the dimension group assigned to the item, and therefore they choice is a configuration - it is not mandatory to reserve the location, batch etc. from the sales line, these can be reserved at pick or registered at pick.

Yes, i understand, but i need to reserve the items at order time, because i need to respect the priority of orders received, the first customer needs the item have to be the first customer to be sodisfacted. And for do this i need to reserve items ad order time.

On my configuration only Site and Warehouse is primary, Location is only Active (And cannot be primary on 2012) and is a Physical Dimension.

The reservations goes to all three dimensions, and it is can be ok for me, the system takes the first physical location, but i can’t move my items between locations anymore because i have the physical reservation on the location.

I’m expect to can move my items on my warehouse indipendently if i have reservations on it.