Sales order Reservation on back orders

hi all, I have a client where item reservation is vital for his business. how can we mark an item as being reserved even if there is nothing in stock and on Purchase order. He wants the system to mark the item as being reserved even though it is not on stock. Once the items are received in stock the system must allocate it against its corresponding the sales order. Have anyone come across this feature previously?

Hello Gary, If I remember correctly, you can also create requisition lines and reserve against them via Reservations in Sales. If there is none on stock and nothing on an existing Purchase Order that is due soon, then a Req. Line can be created and reserved against. When a Purchase Order is created from the Req. Line, the reservation stays with it and when the stock is received, the Reservation attaches itself to the Item Ledger Entry that is created, stoppping other users reserving against it. This should solve the problem.

Hello, While creating sales order itself you can reserve the Item from any existing cretaed Purchase order,even though stock is zero. Hope this helps.

You can define at the customer Level or the Item Level. Here you can determine whether the program will allow reservations to be made for this customer. Select one of the following options: Never Optional Always The contents of this field will be copied to the Reserve field on the sales header when you create a document for this customer. The contents of the Reserve field on the sales header, in combination with the contents of the Reserve field on the item card, determine the contents of the Reserve field on sales lines in the document. The reserve option on the item card will be copied to the sales line (thereby overriding the reserve option from the customer card) except in one case: if you select Always in this field and you enter an item with the option Optional on a line, the sales line will be assigned the option Always. If the Reserve is always, then program will automatically reserve the item from Req. Worksheet/PO/Any Inventory to this order. Hope this will help. Naveen Jain

Can it maybe not be sorted out with the requested delivery date give the order with the highest priority the earliest date i thought that already the reservation option against a po was nice but still there are people who wants more reserve against nothing [Duh!][xx(]