Sales order proble

When we are raise a sales order invoice the below error coming.


Sales order: ASPI-SO-000034

Item number: FLA00403STS

Financial item picking

Warehouse=FG WH,Bundle number=BN-00000130

Item consumption for 89.00 cannot be updated because the cost price is known only for 0.00 in stock.

Item number: FLA00403STS

Update has been canceled.

An error occurred during update

7266.New Microsoft Word Document.docx (146 KB)

Please provide the solution


Ram prasad

The error is self explanatory, you might not be having stock that is financially updated, to be specific your receipts might not have been invoiced/received financially.

When you post the sales order invoice, the system will try to pick the inventory avg cost(except STD costing) and will stop posting if the stock is not financially updated(If the financial negative inventory is not used in the model group)