Sales order Prepayment amount to Deduct miscalculation


I encountered a problem whith posted sales invoices.

When making a Sales Order with prepayment, and looking into statistics of the order, calculations are made correctly. the problem is when the Sales Order is posted. Looking at posted Sales Invoices often I see that a 0,01 is left, and looking at statistics there There are two lines, both names VAT % column value, where first line is correct, but second line has a 0,01 difference in VAT base amount.

After looking into Sales Order statistics i noticed that in Prepayments tab Prepmt. Amt. to Deduct field has the incorect value (0,01 less) than needed amount.

Sales Order statistics, Prepayment tab


Posted Sales Invoice statistics


All the VAT roundings are set to nearest.

Anyone else has encountered this? Any ideas how to fix this?

Just check the General Ledger set up under Financial Mgt module. See the VAT Rounding type and amount rounding precision, if you have set up using .01

Max VAT Difference Allowed is 0.00

Vat Rounding type is Nearest.

The question still is why it calculates the same amount diferently ?

Did you find a solution for this? I have a similar problem.


our programmer corrected the rounding algorithm. Now the Prepmt.amount to deduct isn’t calculated different. Can’t give you the code though, as I don’t have access to it.