Sales Order - new menu item of Sales Line


On Sales Order page, in the SalesLine part I would like a new menu item for the line. The RunObject of the new menu item is a new page created by me.

After selecting the menu item, on the new page I would like to modify some fields of the line, which is selected from the sales lines.

When I select the menu item, I have the values of the lines (checked by message in OnAction() trigger), but when I select a function on my new page, the info has already lost.

How can I pass the fields of the line to the new page in order to modify them?

Thanks a lot,


Can you post the code you are using in the OnAction trigger?

Thanks, in the meantime I solved it.

I made a Page Action on the new page, and in the OnAction() trigger I wrote this code:

SalesLine.GET(“Document Type”, “Document No.”, “Line No.”);