sales order lot quantity

hi all another question for you (and thanks for the replies to my others! :slight_smile: ) anyway, although most of our items are manufactured, we have a few which we buy in to sell, and some of these are in unusual “pack sizes”. When a customer places an order for one of these items, I need the sales order to inform the inputter of the lot size that should be used : ie customer orders 10 but come in packs of 15. inputter puts in 10 - somehow order changes to 15 (there are commerical issues doing this, but thats another story!) these pack sizes are set against the item (in reorder qty and lot quantity)however, it would be good if the sales order also checked these and prompted this change. before i send a request to nsc, i take it that this isnt a standard facility?

Hi, Yes, this is not the Navison standard functionality. I assume you are using Navision 3.XX version.