sales order Lines

In a sales order lines I have the first 3 lines Type = Rsource, inserte for user X.

User Y inserts on the same order, more lines Type = Item. But he does not see the first lines type = resource already inserted.

How nad where can I validade the first free line on the order.

I tryed on Sales Lines validation but no results. I get a error message that line 10000 is already in used.

Why doesn’t user Y see the other lines? Has the form been modified? The standard AutoSplitKey behavior should handle this.

Or are you saying they are editing the sales order at the same time? Then my question would be, why?

Yes, the form was changed.

User X and User Y works on diferente departments, so each one can not see the lines inserted by the other one.


It should have done on Header level.

Why cant they create different headers?

The header is created once.

Then User X inserts his lines on Heder.

Al last user Y inserts his line on the same header.

You need to rethink the design of your process and related modification.