Sales order Invoiced

Hi All

I had make the one partial delivery on one sales order, and i invoiced that as the status is open.Now what i want is to make the sales order status invoiced and cancel the delivery remainer quantity on item.Please advise me.


It is not clear… can you elaborate?

actually i make the partial delivery mean order 10 but deliver only 8.After that i invoiced the sales order. in such cases the status of the sales order is open instead of invoiced.Now i want to close these order with status invoiced.


Use the deliver remainder function on the sales line and cancel the remaining 2.

but at the picking list registration user had taken the full quantity,say 10, but at the delivery(packing slip) he had taken 8.In this scenario what i can do and if also that partial delivery is invoiced.How can i cancel the rest quantity and change the status open to Invoiced.

Go inventory → Pick , reverse the picked line(from sale order so the status will be changed from picked to reserved), then cancel the remaining delivery quantity as adam said…

csncelling the delivey remainder showing this error

“Quantity ordered may not be reduced because there are not enough inventory transactions with ‘on order’ status.”

please advise me

What is the status of inventory transaction and what are all the steps you have done to reverse it???

So you picked 10, confirmed 10 and then shipped less and now want to clost the order. The issue here is with your processing. To correct this I suggest you ship the remainder you have registered as picked, then unship it then cancel the deliver remainder.

The issue with this sort of question is how open ended it is. When you have a specific issue, which you seem to have a lot of, tell is about the specific situation, not doing so leads to a standard answer, you then elaborate, we answer and you elaborate again. You could save us all a lot of time by telling us your actual problem in detail at the start. [:D]