Sales Order Invoice remainder to be cleared

We have an issue with an intercompany return order where there is Invoice Remainder (of -100) on a Sales Order lines in both companies. The invoice needs to be posted on one company to post it in both companies, however we are seeing the errors:

“Account reference #custAccount1 on order #SO1 does not exist.”

“Invoice account reference #custAccount2 on order #SO1 does not exist.”

“Posting of order #SO1 canceled”

We have paid the customer and just want to remove the Invoice Remainder so that it does not show up as accrued. Does anyone have any suggestions?

So far, we have tried the following and none of them help:

  • entering quantities on DeliverNow field, posting Invoice and selecting DeliverNow as Qty to be invoice

  • A reverse packing slip on the Return Sales Order did not work either (tried both the pallet used to receive and the transferred to (actually original when originally shipped to customer) pallet).

  • Sales Order lines > Inventory > Registration - reversing the quantities

  • Item arrival journal lines (that was used to receive these quantities from the customer): Adjust quantity is greyed out

The error mean that customer and invoice accounts on sales order doesn’t exists in the list of customers.

It is an intercomany order. The customer and invoice account do not exist in the back-end company but in the front-end company. We have to invoice from the back-end to the front-end company, which in turn automatically invoices the customer’s invoice account.

This was successful for the original sales order, however not for this return order.

Is there a way to remove the accrual from Shipped Not Invoiced report while there is Invoice Remainder outstanding?