Sales Order Header details


Below is the screen shot of a particular users sales order header .Two customized field remarks and warranty can only be viewed half when the user logs in inspite upon maximizing the screen.But when I login in other machine using the same user id i can see the complete box for the two fields created i.e remarks and fields.can anyone help me on the same.



Delete the usage data of the employee and try again.

And you could perform the cache clearance from AX development workspace=> Tools=> Caches


I have done the above steps but still not able to resolve the issue.

This happens for a specific user on his laptop only.

But when I check with his login credentials on my laptop the fields remarks and warranty are visible completely.

Tried to change the column width and also kept on Auto but not working.

Any other solution for the above issue?


Try deleting .auc files in %userprofile%\AppData\Local (of that user on that machine). I don’t know if it helps, but it surely is worth trying,