Sales order header- AX 2012


Is there any way in which you can automate expanding the sales order header to always be open as well as the sales order line

This is instead of clicking on the sales order header to expand the fields to type in the information.


Hi Natalie,

There is no property.

But in the sales order header tab page, changing the ‘FastTabExpanded’ property to ‘Yes’ should do the trick.

I have tried that and it isnt automatically expanding but if there is no property its no problem, just wanted to make sales order processing simpler and quicker


It should work. Are you sure you changed the property on the tab page under Line view?

This is in personalisation isnt it?

Sorry - not sure what you mean.

But this is the tab page to be modified - \Forms\SalesTable\Designs\Design[Tab:MainTab][TabPage:TabPageDetails][Tab:DetailsTab][TabPage:LineView][Tab:LineViewTab][TabPage:LineViewHeader]

By default this will have value set to ‘No’.